Women that leave the arms of their men

It is long time since I do not wirte in my own language, Spanish and long since I have not read in my language. And today by chance, by pure virtual and modern chance, I have encountered a very old friend, Bihotz, Salva. I found his articles online and I could read in my ownSigue leyendo «Women that leave the arms of their men»

Flaméncame, empowering women through Flamenco and dance therapy techniques

The project «Flaméncame» is the first project I developed in the Netherlands. I am currently developing a model with Flamenco dance as a framework combined with dance movement therapy methods to help women sufferers from domestic violence to: BODY -Reinhabit again their bodies and foster kinesthetic awareness EMOTIONS – Release anger and sadness feelings and supportSigue leyendo «Flaméncame, empowering women through Flamenco and dance therapy techniques»

Voices of Women Media

Last sunday I went to the fundraising event from Voices of Women Media in Nieuwe Anita a nice bar in Amsterdam. After listening to an amazing psychodelic jewish folk band called «Payazen» , I went to see what was happenning in the «Skills Auction»… What is an auction of skills? Instead of offering old pieces of furnitures or collections ofSigue leyendo «Voices of Women Media»

Danza terapia con gitanas de Rumanía y sus niños

Danza Terapia materno infantil: Gitano rumanas y sus bebitos Hace más o menos un año ya, bailé con un grupo mujeres rumanas y sus bebitos. Fue la primera vez que llevé a cabo una sesión así. Sí, ya había dado clases de danza, pero aquí ni siquiera podía mencionar que se trataba de danza, las trabajadorasSigue leyendo «Danza terapia con gitanas de Rumanía y sus niños»