«My sweet orange tree» and Schema Therapy. Part I

Drying endless tears from my cheeks on a plane Amsterdam – Bilbao to my home city Vitoria Gasteiz. Not crying because of being home sick neither from an emotional conflict, but from being taken away into another reality. A hard, raw reality of millions of kids in the word. This time was Zezé, the 5Sigue leyendo ««My sweet orange tree» and Schema Therapy. Part I»

Schema Therapy: what are the core needs?

Schema therapy is an integrative psychotherapy combining the vision and techniques from other therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic theory, attachment theory and Gestalt therapy, creating a unique model to address longstanding, hard to treat patterns of thinking and acting. It is based on the idea that humans have universal needs in childhood and whenSigue leyendo «Schema Therapy: what are the core needs?»