The dream has become true. Now the real work starts.

I have finally accomplished the first step of a dream I have since 4 years, create a non profit organization to empower communities through dance. Last 28th of April we signed the statutes in the notary, making it a legal and official entity. Now the real work starts. I am proud to present Libraz. OurSigue leyendo “The dream has become true. Now the real work starts.”

No me lo creo. This is becoming true.

I can’t believe it. This is starting to take shape. I could never imagine I would enjoy so much writing and editing a business plan. Writing and editing, and re editing, and finding the best words. I discovered what “track changes” means and I am starting to feel less panic about excell sheets and budgets…Sigue leyendo “No me lo creo. This is becoming true.”

Flaméncame, empowering women through Flamenco and dance therapy techniques

The project “Flaméncame” is the first project I developed in the Netherlands. I am currently developing a model with Flamenco dance as a framework combined with dance movement therapy methods to help women sufferers from domestic violence to: BODY -Reinhabit again their bodies and foster kinesthetic awareness EMOTIONS – Release anger and sadness feelings and supportSigue leyendo “Flaméncame, empowering women through Flamenco and dance therapy techniques”

Voices of Women Media

Last sunday I went to the fundraising event from Voices of Women Media in Nieuwe Anita a nice bar in Amsterdam. After listening to an amazing psychodelic jewish folk band called “Payazen” , I went to see what was happenning in the “Skills Auction”… What is an auction of skills? Instead of offering old pieces of furnitures or collections ofSigue leyendo “Voices of Women Media”

Armenian children in Zatik 2008

Zatik means both Ladybird and Future. Armenian orphans and children from the street find in the orphanage Zatik, a home. They live and are educated here. In the summer of 2008 I participated as a volunteer in a workcamp with all the children.  Apart from being with them, creating activities, visiting lovely armenian churches and landscapes, weSigue leyendo “Armenian children in Zatik 2008”


Why Akun? “Akun” word means “I AM”, “I exist” in arabic classical language. Its origins are the root “Kaun” which means Universe, Cosmos, Existence. So Akun Danza, I am dance. We all are. This is a Work In Progress project for creating a world wide non profit dance organization. My aim is to develop different projectsSigue leyendo “Akun”

One billion rising

Una de cada tres mujeres en el planeta será maltratada en su vida. Mil millones de mujeres violadas es una atrocidad. Mil millones de mujeres danzando es una revolución. Próximo 14 de Febrero, vamos a movernos. Busca el evento más cercano: – One in three women on the planet will be raped or beaten inSigue leyendo “One billion rising”

Nace Akun danza

Un oportunidad para volar, sentir, crear, expresar, gozar, crecer… La palabra “akun” significa “YO SOY”, “yo existo” en la lengua árabe clásica. Y proviene de la raíz “Kauny” que significa Universo, Cosmos o existencia. Toda danza que combine la presencia y el sentimiento es Akun… Akun es un proyecto en nacimiento, abierto a toda claseSigue leyendo “Nace Akun danza”