Tomatito & Ahmad Al Tuni

This pearl is a combination of flamenco with arabic sufi music. It is the very beginning of the  great film Vengo by Tony Gatlif, an ode to the artistry and magic of flamenco dancing. Tomatito is a very imporant flamenco guitarist and Ahmad Tuni is one of the last great munshidin, singers of the islamic sacredSigue leyendo «Tomatito & Ahmad Al Tuni»

La Negra & Lole Montoya

La negra and Lole Montoya, mother and daugther, andalusian well known cantaoras, singing flamenco in Arabic language. Lole also dances a bit and ends the video with the «Alfi Leila u Leila» song, master piece from one of the best Egyptian singers of all times, Oum Kalthoum. Undoubtedly, flamenco and arabic music are glad together.Sigue leyendo «La Negra & Lole Montoya»