akram khan, israel galván; khan, galván Flamenco and indian Khatak dances. During one rehearsal Galvan grappled with toro-vaca, a maori-inspired phonetic poem from de dadaist Tristan Tzara. Toro Vaca Two sacred animals in both traditions Therefore the name. Amazing combination.

La Negra & Lole Montoya

La negra and Lole Montoya, mother and daugther, andalusian well known cantaoras, singing flamenco in Arabic language. Lole also dances a bit and ends the video with the “Alfi Leila u Leila” song, master piece from one of the best Egyptian singers of all times, Oum Kalthoum. Undoubtedly, flamenco and arabic music are glad together.Sigue leyendo “La Negra & Lole Montoya”