The story of my hips

Lee la versión en castellano aquí. Hips have always drawn my attention. I still remember the first years going out dancing during my adolescence, how much I felt «unconsciously not permitted» to move my hips too much, as otherwise we would draw the attention of other teenage boys behind us. Similar thing happened with mySigue leyendo «The story of my hips»

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women!!

Very often in my work I help women in this situation, immerse in abusive relationships, being forced to have sex with their partners that abuse them physical and psychologically. Very often this women cannot say no. Cannot believe, cannot trust that something else is possible. They feel pushed to have sex and to please theirSigue leyendo «International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women!!»

Dance is only for my «real life»

I miss dancing. One thinks that having a profession as dance movement therapist would allow me to dance enough, but it is not always the case. Having this profession is also slightly or quite unsafe (there are not many vacancies in general), so I decided to buy an appartment in Amsterdam in the beginning ofSigue leyendo «Dance is only for my «real life»»

The Triangle Story

Three days ago, last tuesday I met some friends of friends in a bar in Amsterdam. All of them ¨skilled migrants¨, so normal immigrants but with good level of education and good jobs. Coincidentally we were all from the south of Europe, greeks, a turkish guy, my Madrilenian friend and me. In the middle ofSigue leyendo «The Triangle Story»

Zada, the afghan woman that was too focused inwards

I miss writing very much. Years ago a language teacher told me that my text analysis were very good, and that comment helped me taking the decision to study Journalism. After some months I realised general journalism was not for me, still I studied it for two years at the university. Since then I haveSigue leyendo «Zada, the afghan woman that was too focused inwards»

Women that leave the arms of their men

It is long time since I do not wirte in my own language, Spanish and long since I have not read in my language. And today by chance, by pure virtual and modern chance, I have encountered a very old friend, Bihotz, Salva. I found his articles online and I could read in my ownSigue leyendo «Women that leave the arms of their men»