This is becoming true.


I can’t believe it. This is starting to take shape.

I could never imagine I would enjoy so much writing and editing a business plan. Writing and editing, and re editing, and finding the best words. I discovered what «track changes» means and I am starting to feel less panic about excell sheets and budgets…

What makes this possible?
People. Women.
I have found amazing women that support this. That believe we can make it.
And an angel, a real angel that trusts and pushes me.

Here the first draft ideas of the non-protif organization we are creating:


We aim to raise the mental, emotional and physical well-being of women and children who have endured traumatic experiences by using the power of movement, expression and creativity.


We envision communities where affected women and children have all the support they need to regain their inner strength and self-efficacy, therefore enabling them to enjoy life again.



  • To enhance quality of life, improve self-esteem and self efficacy, and provide with new coping skills to women and children that lived traumatic experiences.
  • To use movement, expression and creativity as main tools to achieve our goals.
  • To develop custom made models suitable to cultural differences and age groups.
  • To train and accompany women from those communities, to continue the projects ensuring the sustainability.
  • To expand our reach by creating a network of volunteers, trainers, and organizations.
  • To build a solid network of partners that supports economically the future development.
  • To establish a network of pro bono collaborators (psychologists, body oriented therapists, gender specialist) that will support our work.



Our first two projects this year 2015 will be held in Amsterdam working with women and children sufferers of domestic violence and in Istanbul, with female syrian refugees .


More info soon…