Damn that ocean for turning rock into sand

rocky sand

Some extracts from Daria’s Halprin book:

The expressive body in life Art and therapy.

The creative play of the life force lies in the flux between

creation and death,

harmony and conflict,

like elements and opposite elements forming in relationship to another.

Observing the presence of this creative  play in the natural world can be inspiring, renewing and beautiful. Temperature changes after affect and the feel and appearence of the landscape. Night and day revolve in a never ending cycle.

It is a great challenge to apply this principle to the landscape of the psyche- and embody it.
What is fascinating and inspiring to observe and appreciate in nature often seems problematic in our personal lives.

When we observe the ocean «acting» on the land, we do not say, «Damn that ocean for turning rock into sand.» Yet we make these kinds of value judgements about almost every situation in our lives.

We actively resist what could be a very creative interaction between the ocean and the rocks in the landscape of our lives, and so never have much of a sandy beach where we can collect shells or lie comfortably in the sun.



Halprin, D. (2003). The expressive body in life, art, and therapy: Working with movement, metaphor, and meaning. London: Jessica Kingsley.