A session of Dance therapy in colours: Painting my patients as a way of keeping notes.

stroom 1

Yes I do Dance Therapy. Another way of approaching our inside. Through movement. And I sometimes use some other medium to write my reports after the session.


Words are slowlier.

Lines and colours express faster.

To me.

And I just found this two pictures I did in the beginning of my internship and I wanted to share them.

This first one is a group of three men, diagnosed with Depression:
The three share some characteristics (not applicable to everybody with depression of course!)

Lack of grounding,
Difficulties in balancing
Tension in the neck and shoulder area
Almost inexistent pelvic awareness
Everything hold up.  UP UP UP
Superficial breathing

The head is very active, continuously thinking. So bringing them to the movement experience is the most important part. And after reflecting.

4a 4b
This next one is a group of five people with very different energies. They were all in the open departments, they live in the psychiatry but have freedom to go outside.

There was somebody diagnosed with schizofrenia,autistism, and mania and somebody recovering from a depression.
There were not so many simmilarities among them and this hetereogeneity makes it difficult to a common ground.

However all shared something.
All had need of social contact.
Shy at the beginning, once they start to move together, in relationship, I could see smiles and faces opening and getting brighter.

We all like social contact, at least sometimes.
And more specifically in a context like a Psychiatry.

We need to be together.
Be with others.