Anxiety Festival. Yes, anxiety anxiety anxiety

I live in a city where the answer to «How are you?» is most of the cases «very busy».

I wonder if it is an Amsterdam endemic disorder, or simply a contagious illness spread around big cities.
Too much to do, too much offer, too many opportunities, too many people, too many projects, «oh I could do this», «sorry I have no time», «let me check the agenda»

Not necessarily.
Anxiety is a medical disorder. Diagnosed etc.
But I think that the stress caused by this no-time living is cause of many other affections… How to deal with it? No idea, I have to figure it out myself too.

Till then, at least these people in London are doing a good job. The Anxiety festival.

With a full programme of visual art, film, performance, music, dance, theatre and talks spanning venues across London, including leading arts organisations, universities, health care institutions and community centres. For example:


«The Manual Oracle explores the intersection between self-consciousness, theatricality and paranoia within a scenic montage that looks at immigration, xenophobia, surveillance, psychiatric services, corporate scheming and survivalist movements.»


«As part of acting out: the institution denied, this new performative event by the vacuum cleaner invites you to delve into your own mind, to be assessed for common mental health conditions, whilst testing the current processes of diagnosis.»


An intersection between mental health and art. Anxiety 2014 is a new London-wide arts festival, curated by the Mental Health Foundation.

The festival explores anxiety, looking at its causes, how it affects all of our lives, and how it can act as a creative force. It brings together leading and emerging artists to address anxiety from different angles: from medical, social and historical perspectives to individual, collective and contemporary viewpoints.