Voices of Women Media

Last sunday I went to the fundraising event from Voices of Women Media in Nieuwe Anita a nice bar in Amsterdam. After listening to an amazing psychodelic jewish folk band called «Payazen» , I went to see what was happenning in the «Skills Auction»…

voices of women mediaa akun danza

What is an auction of skills?
Instead of offering old pieces of furnitures or collections of art… SKILLS are auctioned. For example a course of photography, a haircut…
and the money raised goes in this case entirely to Voices of Women Media.

There I was…
Thinking that I could have contact them to offer my flamenco oriental dance lessons…, thinking and thinking…

And suddenly I said: 
– «Bu! I can still offer them!» –  and exactly when «DJ-ing» lessons where about to be offered I jumped from my chair and asked to one of the organizers, called María whether I could offer the flamenco oriental lessons.
– «Yes of course» – answered her.
So I run to take my flyers (cauteously protectd in a Vangogh plastic bag),  run to the stage, and explained in two sentences my offer.

voices of women media akun danza

Soo great! Amazingly 6 people raised their hands, showing their enthousiasm! That means:
10€ per lesson x 6 people = 60 € that Akun Danza raised for Voices of Women Media next project: «Displaced». So happy about it!

One more demostration to trust spontaneous impulses and support good causes like this!
Thanks everybody very much!