Flamenco Lab

Barefoot experimental approach to flamenco dance

Technique & Improvisation


My aim in this workshop is to combine creativity, improvisation and self expression with flamenco dance as a framework.


Flamenco arm technique, foot-work and basic «marcajes»
Compas and rhythms of flamenco music
Contemporary  and creative exercises
Improvisation circles


I am not a flamenco teacher. I am not a flamenco dancer.  Flamenco is an extremely rich, wide and profound art which I respect with my whole heart. And I would need  more that ten years of intense practice to be able to teach it.  That’s why this is not and will never be a flamenco workshop.

My approach is more humble and free than pure flamenco lessons.

I have three years of flamenco learning experience and 9 years of oriental and expressive dance experience, apart from multitude of workshops about different body disciplines. And currently studying the master in Dance Movement Therapy.

Therefore I believe in the possibilities of combining steps from Flamenco and use them as a frame to develop and enhance creativity, while working in personal strenght, coordination, and powerful femininity.


Free Lessons in de Valreep

Monday 17th of June 2013: 20h-21.15h

and Wednesday 3rd July 2013: 20h -21.15h

Photos of the Workshop!

flamenco Lab - Akun Danza

Flamenco Lab - Valreep - Akun Danza

Gracias all for coming,
Gracias De Valreep People
Gracias a la danza!