Mediterranean mixture


Slowly with time, I have realised how powerful the combination of two folklor dances  as FLAMENCO and ORIENTAL can be.
Some months ago I was starting to forget my origins, totally embedded in the flamenco scene. I realised I was missing my softness, my inwardness. So I started dancing. And I travelled through the Mediterranean, from Syria to Andalusia through the music.
From Oriental belly dance to Flamenco.

Ok yes, Nothing is new. It already exist as «Arabic Flamenco», «Oriental Flamenco» or many other names.
But I have experienced in my own flesh how well they can combine this two disciplines.

My aim is NOT to create a «new dance», a «new method» or a «new discipline»  and label it with an «®» No.

Flamenco Oriental is simply the way I aim to use both disciplines in order to try to integrate our polarities.

Starting from flamenco beats and movements to release tension, stress and agressiveness.
Stamp, clap, push… Arrive to the here and now moving from the periphery of the body.

Travel smoothly towards oriental dance movements to find the softness, feminine and caring side.
Round, flexible, infintes and circles. Looking inwards moving from the core of the body

An excellent example of Andalusian and Arabic culture together.

The master of flamenco guitar the Almerian Tomatito plays together with the egiptian sufi singer Sheikh Ahmad Al tuni,  one of the last great singers of the ritual Zikr.

Great music from «Vengo» film, from Tony Gatlif.
Great dance by the end.