Self Empowerment

Which are your qualities? Which are you best characteristics?

We usually know what we are very bad at, I am lazy, I am serious, I am shy… whatever.

And we usually tend to remark to others their faults rather than their qualities.

Qualities? me?

It is even difficult to think what are we good at.

So one of the modules in Dance Therapy is Self Empowerment: Focus on enquiring, broadening and empowering existing personal and professional resources considering capacities, qualities and characteristics withing different personal contexts.

The first semester of the Master is mainly focused in ourselves. FIRST we have to know ourselves better, know how we behave, how we react, what do we feel in the group and in the different exercises…
We have to experience it all in ourselves if we want in the future share it with others.

We were asked to choose one quality and I choose INQUISITIVENESS:
 Inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge, eager to learn.  Inquiring.
And we reflected about it:

But later I realise that my curiosity was nothing without passion. And in Christmas I received some aquarelle and here is the paiting of my main qualities.

Rooted passion

Rivers of curiosity

Light of sensitivity

Acuarela 1

My quality: Inquisitiveness
“Total wonder is the very substance of awakening” Daniel Odier

Seeker. I am a constant seeker, and learner. Enquiring, exploring, digging, deepening. Once, long time ago, I wrote somewhere that my aim in life is to learn, never stop learning. And it still being so. Getting surprised and amazed by new things. Even very little or insignificant ones. Trying to get deepen into every matter. That is for me inquisitiveness.
My life as a blank treasure map, where the goal is not finding the enormous and huge treasure at the end of the way, but rather unwrap everyday’s treasures.

Related feelings and characteristics
Love for discovering.
Broadening perspectives.
Immersion in the sea of wisdom.
Opening the eyes to the maximum.
Total wonder about new knowledge.
Sharing and enriching with and by others.
Attracted by the unknown, mysteries and enigmas of life.

Direction to deepen & develop
Attention, direction and precision are the ingredients I need in order to further develop my quality. The main risk I am suffering now is dispersion, the “multitasking” attitude of wanting to spread and know about everything, and doing many things at the same time. I lack a little bit the ease I used to have of doing just ONE thing at the moment. Getting absorbed by the activity (project, theme, thought…) of the moment.

Challenges. I really need to challenge myself, dream, and think that dreams can come true. Also a safe place, but not really a physical safe place surrounded by people I know; it is more an inner sense of safety, feeling secure about what I am doing. Also adventure. The sense of adventure has to be present in the task.

Otherwise, what would life be, if we don’t live it as an everyday adventure?