mini documentary

I am doing a documentary course.  Why? Because people nowadays have little time to read and I want to be able to communicate what I do and my future projects in a visual and creative way.

For my surpirse (I might be totally wrong, if so please let me know) there is NO proper oficial video about what dance movement therapy is. Not even from the American Dance Therapy Association.

The only one that in my opinion is a real powerful and professional documentary is:

But still it is not specific about what dance movement therapy is, it shows one example.

There are some other videos, nice videos, but not powerful and clear enough to arrive to a big public, unfamiliar with DMT.

Therefore I would like to make a trial mini documentary answering the question:

Ingredients needed:

A client of DMT that is willing to share a bit of his/her experience – the personal story
Experienced dance movement therapist – the view from our field
A psychologist who is also DMT –  the bridge
A psychologist / psychiatric/ neuroscientist – the outsider

My idea:
Every documentary needs a line. The line will be the story of the patient and the interviews with the experts will be intercalated. The rest is a secret.

As I am starting and my knowledge is quite limited the mini documentary would be the first step.
Once more experienced with editing an filming, I would like to ask for a grant to Marian Chace Foundation and start a campaign in Kickstarter or another crowdfunding to create a real documentary.

Now… I need your help!
If you would like to get involved or have any tips, suggestions or thoughts against it, just feel free to let me know