Armenian children in Zatik 2008

zatikZatik means both Ladybird and Future.
Armenian orphans and children from the street find in the orphanage Zatik, a home. They live and are educated here.


In the summer of 2008 I participated as a volunteer in a workcamp with all the children. 

Apart from being with them, creating activities, visiting lovely armenian churches and landscapes, we also had to create a PERFORMANCE.

We created three groups of work, «Spain», «France» and «East Europe».

It was difficult to organize…
children were changing from one group to the other, sometimes we lack coordination,
and definitely we, the volunteers, most of us around 20 years old, were lacking of solid leading skills.

Spanish Team playing football

Together with two great girls, María from Catalunya and Eider from the Basque Country, we decided to make a SING & DANCE performance.

Listening to and old Discman I brought with me, the children decided to pick «El del medio de los Chichos» a spanish song from ESTOPA.

Because of its «Rumba» sounds, we decided to teach some basics of Flamenco, «I take the apple, I eat it and I throw it» and those type of things. We combine those movements with more free and playful ones, always coming from the children.
Together we created a very lively and joyful chorepgraphy.

After that the singing part came.
PARA BAILAR LA BAMBA was the winning song!

And we wanted everybody to sing with us so we painted the lyrics in some papers so that the public could follow the song!

This papers served as help for the audience to sing with us

It was a complete succes, we all enjoyed. And moreover …

We learn a bit of flamenco and armenian dances, we discussed, we laugh  and we learnt to work as a team, the most important:
we learnt to CREATE TOGETHER.

Resting in the backyard

And then what?

In the future, I would like to develop a project with the early teeners to help them find their calling, their passion, what they would like to do in life. Using creative and expressive dynamics and of course dance!

Maybe soon…

Thank you all